• Bottle Green

  • Black

  • UN Blue

  • Maroon

  • Navy Blue

  • Rifle Green

  • Red

Contact Gear Berets

You rebel, you

Make like old mate, Che with one of these 100% wool berets and overthrow your habit of wearing a baseball cap backwards. Absolutely everywhere. All. The. Time.

Fully cotton-lined, with a genuine leather band, gun-metal colour eyelets and drawstring, for when your head shrinks, each comes with a stiffing board (look it up) sewn into the lining at the front of the beret for attaching your knot-tying badges or getting it back into shape when your Nan sits on it.

Sizes: 54, 56, 58, 60 and 62 - so any big head can wear one. Colours are Bottle Green, Black, Navy Blue, Maroon, Red, or UN Blue for the more peace-keeping types. As if.


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