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These say a lot about you.

Or rather what’s inside you. Which is why these embroidered blood group patches in subdued tan are a great idea if you meet a gorgeous vampire and you want to cut out the small talk or try making your own sandwich after a long night at the pub, with your Mum's best carving knife. As you'd expect for something this important, all patches have Velcro hook backing for easy attachment to clothing. Or removal if you want to stay a little more interesting to Vladess, or give the surgeons something else to talk about to while they're trying to sew your fingers back on.

Size - 70mm x 20mm

Blood Types available are mostly red, but in these flavours:
• A Positive
• A Negative
• B Positive
• B Negative
• AB Positive
• AB Negative
• O Positive
• O Negative


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